We CARE about your SAFETY

About OSMC

Our goal is simpleóto improve highway safety in Oklahoma and the United States through expert education and practical application.

To achieve this goal, the council meets 10 times annually for meetings and in addition to these meetings, the council hosts the Fall Seminar and the Oklahoma Truck Driving Championship.†

The Fall Seminar is a two day action packed agenda that is dedicated to providing the most current safety education to the attendees.†

The Oklahoma Truck Driving Championship is a competition of the stateís best truck drivers.† Competitors meet for two days and are challenged with a written exam, personal interview, pre-trip inspection and a tough skills course.† The competition is fierce and the rewards are great.† After the event, everyone gathers for a banquet and awards ceremony.† Winnerís in each class go on to participate in the National Truck Driving Championship.†